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From YouTube to Digital Marketing

How Eikaiwa Sites Started

Eikaiwa Sites is an extension of Ad Ronin, a Canadian digital marketing agency, deeply rooted in the educational and digital world since 2014. It all started with Steven Clancy and Kevin Fabris creating the Easy ESL Games YouTube channel. Their journey of sharing educational content led to a vibrant community with millions of views. This experience was a stepping stone to Ad Ronin, where our passion for digital creativity and education continues to grow.

Our Story

  • 2014


    Our journey began with "Easy ESL Games" on YouTube, creating fun and educational content for kids. We released two popular children's song albums and organically garnered over 6 million views.

  • 2014

    Little Sheep English

    In the same year, Steve opened "Little Sheep English" Eikaiwa in his house in Kobe, Japan. The school has since relocated to nearby Akashi having outgrown the space.

  • 2016-2024

    Digital Marketing Shift

    Recognizing the transferable skills developed through our creative projects, we transitioned to "Ad Ronin," a digital marketing agency based in Canada, serving North American clients. Starting with video ads, we quickly learned the importance of a holistic approach, expanding our services to include website design, landing pages, and social media management.

  • 2016-2024

    Growth and Success

    As our expertise and reputation grew, so did our team. Today, we consistently produce dozens of video ads and new websites each month. Our dedication has translated into over 50 successful websites built, exceeding $5 million in client ad spend that's generated a remarkable $75 million+ in return.

  • 2023

    Japan Expansion (2023)

    Recognizing the need for improved digital presence among Eikaiwas, we embarked on a Japan branch in 2023. Through rigorous beta testing, we've honed our understanding of Japanese marketing language and best practices, combining them with our established Western expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Get to Know Us

Our Team Behind Your Screen

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Steven - Co-Founder & Eikaiwa Owner

With a background in education and digital content, Steven co-founded Eikaiwa Sites and uses his expertise to guide our strategic planning. He ensures our services align perfectly with your Eikaiwa's goals and aspirations.

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Kevin - Co-Founder & Marketing Expert

Kevin brings a deep understanding of digital marketing and content creation to Eikaiwa Sites. As a co-founder, he spearheads our marketing initiatives, helping Eikaiwa schools connect effectively with their target audience.

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Tomomi - Japanese Content Specialist & Eikaiwa manager

Tomo leverages her deep understanding of Japanese language and culture to craft authentic and compelling website content that resonates with the local market. With over 10 years of experience running her own Eikaiwa, Tomo brings a unique blend of content mastery and real-world teaching knowledge to the team.

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Kyle - Creative Director

Kyle's artistic vision and web design expertise set the visual tone for all our Eikaiwa website projects. He's responsible for crafting unique and engaging user interfaces that are not only beautiful but also user-friendly and effective.

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Aiko - Project Manager & Finance

Aiko is the organizational backbone of Eikaiwa Sites. Her skills in project management and finance ensure every project is delivered on time and within budget.

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Daniel - Lead Web Developer

Daniel transforms our creative visions into reality with his coding expertise and passion for innovation. He builds high-performing websites for Eikaiwa schools using the latest web development techniques.

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Jeypi - Technical SEO Specialist

JP's expertise in technical SEO is invaluable. He works behind the scenes to optimize our websites for search engines, ensuring your Eikaiwa gets seen by the right audience and attracts more traffic.

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Karlo - Digital Advertising Specialist

Carlo is our ace in digital advertising. He crafts targeted campaigns that cut through the noise and reach potential students, ensuring your Eikaiwa school gets noticed online.

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Nathaniel - Graphic Designer

With a keen eye for design, Nathaniel brings visual stories to life. His creative graphics not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of our websites but also support the overall branding and messaging strategy.


Eikaiwa Sites, part of Ad Ronin, provides custom website design and digital services to help Eikaiwa schools improve their online presence and connect better with students.

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