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With over a decade of experience, Eikaiwa Sites bridges the gap between your Eikaiwa and your future students. Our expert team, including native Japanese copywriters and web designers, crafts websites that resonate with your audience and drive enrolments.

Transform Your Online Presence in 3 Simple Steps

Discover, Design, and Deliver: Your Website's Roadmap to Success



Set up a call to outline what you need for your website. We'll discuss your project’s specifics and how we can help, whether you're starting fresh or updating an existing site.



Post-call, we get into design mode. You'll work with us to decide on the look and function of your site, ensuring it meets your needs and appeals to your audience.



After launch, we keep supporting your site, aiming for optimal performance as you draw in more students and see your online impact grow.

Real Stories from Satisfied Clients

We're all about helping English Language Schools shine online. Through customized website designs and getting you noticed on search engines, we’ve played a part in transforming Eikaiwas' online presence and bringing in more students.

But we believe actions speak louder than words. Take a look at what our satisfied Eikaiwa clients have to say about the positive changes they've experienced with Ad Ronin.

Grant | Anchor English

Fantastic service - Took all the hassle out of everything website related and got a few problems I'd been having with my old service provider fixed up right away.

For some changes I wanted to be made, Steve listened to my feedback and changes were implemented right away.

From signing on board, I had my website refreshed, online and working perfectly within 3 days. Very, very happy!

Melinda | Gomoku International School

Our Premier Services

At Eikaiwa Sites, we offer a range of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of English language schools in Japan. From full-service website creation to empowering you with DIY tools, our services are designed to enhance your online presence and attract more students. Explore our offerings:

5-Page Website

Elevate Your Eikaiwa with a Custom Website: Our 5-page website package is the ultimate solution for Eikaiwa owners seeking a professional and engaging online presence.

Crafted by our team of experts, including native Japanese content writers, we ensure your website perfectly captures your school's essence and appeals directly to your target audience. Ready to make a lasting impression?

DIY Option

Take Control with Our DIY Website Builder: Embrace your creative side with our DIY option, designed for Eikaiwa owners who prefer a hands-on approach.

Our intuitive platform and customizable templates empower you to build your dream website with ease, all while enjoying the backing of our professional support team. It's your vision, your website, made simple.

Digital Transformation

Revitalize Your Online Strategy: In the digital age, your Eikaiwa's online presence is more important than ever.

Our Digital Transformation service is here to overhaul your website, ensuring it’s fast, secure, and SEO-optimized. Let us help you navigate the complexities of the digital world and connect with more students online.

Online Stores

Thinking of selling educational materials, merchandise, or something completely different? Our online shop options have you covered.

Seamlessly integrate a shop with your existing website or create a standalone shop – the choice is yours! Enjoy a smooth setup process, secure payment processing, and SEO optimization to help you reach new customers and grow your sales.


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Ready to Transform Your Eikaiwa's Digital Presence?

Join the numerous Eikaiwa schools across Japan that have flourished with our help. Let’s create a website that brings your school’s story to life and attracts the students you seek.


Eikaiwa Sites, part of Ad Ronin, provides custom website design and digital services to help Eikaiwa schools improve their online presence and connect better with students.

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